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National Program

A telephone line for

psycho-oncological help
has been opened within the national programme for support to the patients, as well as members of their family to ask for help and adviceevery workday from 10.00 to 22:00

telefon za psiho-onkološku podršku 0800 202 303

Health centre "Dr Јovan Јovanović Zmaј" Stara Pazova

Dom zdravlja Stara Pazova

Health Centre “Dr J.J.Zmaj” is a health institution which gives services of primary health protection on the territory of the Municipality of Stara Pazova.

Health Centre is organized in Stara Pazova and Health Departments are organized in Nova Pazova, Stari Banovci, Novi Banovci, Belegiš, Surduk, Golubinci and Vojka while in Krnješevci there is an ambulance. In Stara Pazova there is a pharmacy, while each Department has pharmacy station.

Manager of the Health Centre is dr Aleksandar Omerović - specijalista interne medicine.

Deputy to the Manager is Dr Snežana Dimitrijević, GP specialist.

Assistant to the Manager for economy is Vinka Marjanović, Economist and assistant to the Manager for legal works is Vesna Novaković, Lawyer.

Jovanović Dr Slaviša,is in charge for all public relations of the Health Centre “Dr J.J. Zmaj” in Stara Pazova.

The Head nurse of the Health Centre is Slađana Grujić, graduated economist for health management.