How to call 194?

An answer to the question „When to call 194?“ is very simple

  • Always, when the patient ( the injured) or those around him belive that help can only come from the Department of Urgent Medicine
  • The second question is for what kind of help will decide to give the doctor or technicialn when he/she answers the phone.
  • To make the right decision, a doctor must have the minimum of information who in question, where exactly the patient is (house, flat, public place, town, village...) and some basic facts about the disease or injuries (circumstances and sort of injury).
  • In panic it is often forgotten to say the address – the line is disconnected before the doctor manages to ask a question about the place of possible intervetnion. To avoid such mistakes it is best to, at the beginning of convarsation, say the following:
    • Name and surname, age and address
    • Telephone number you are calling from
  • After the address you should say who is in question. For the purpose of identification it is enough to say name, surname and the date of birth, and with unknown (unconscious person) in the street or other public places, sex and approximate age.
  • To some extent we understand the objection by the patients when we ask for age – for us it is an important fact on one hand for identification and on the other hand for an adequate decision, because in some cases the information about the problem is natural for certain age, while for the other it is a sign of a serious disease.
  • After all these data it is necessary to give a short description of a problem, circumstances of injuring, that is, information about the condition of so called vital signs with the patient – consiousness, breathing and pulse..
  • With an unknown persons in public places minimum of prerequisite for the establishment of the previously stated is to approach the patient (injured).

The complete call could be ended in ten seconds when all important data has been said.

There are a few more things which can help the Urgent team:
  • Some characteristic destination if you don’t know the address.
  • Move pets to a safe place.
  • Check whether the house number is visible.

At the end it is important to point out that the Department of Urgent Medicine has number identificator with registerphone which records all the calls to the Deaprtment.