Choose a Doctor

Every citizern should have his/her chosen doctor and he/she must know what is the doctor’s name. That is the way of returning the trust with the health system.

Capitation includes the change in the way of financing because it suggests that the way of financing contains certain parts which concern the motivation of doctors and nurses in Health Centres to do much more of preventive examinations which are planned in the Health Centres. The capitiation is not the target by itself, it means that you pay the Health Centre not according to the space and people, but how many people come to it.

Primary health protection and its role in every health system is important, because in the primary health protection is relized 70 percent of all we, as citizens, need. Each of us, from the age of nineteen to thirty five, has the right to be invited to Health Centre as a complely healthy, to do the regular examination and get informed about the factors of risky behaviour. Until the age of fifty he should be invited once in two years, after the age of fifty once an year and after the age of sixty the doctor has to come to the patient’s house when he si completely healthy. That way we reduce strokes in the population, diabetes, blood pressure disorder, and prevention of difficult diseases. When you add the national programmes of screening, that is called prevention.

Why is it important to have the chosen doctor?

The Law on Health Insurance (Article 146) defined the question of the chosen doctor which is chosen for a year at least in the area of General Practice or Occupational Practice, pediatrics, gynecology and stomatology.

The chosen doctor pays attention of all health segments of the patient, contacts him/her regularly, knows him/her better and has better information about his/her health, while the patient gets better and efficient health service, gets to the doctor in an easy way, has the possiblity of telephone appointments for examination or usual therapy as well as getting the advice with direct telephone conversation in the surgery which every patient gets from the team.

Form for the change or choice of the doctor (PDF) coming soon


The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, with the help of European Union, started the project „Support to the Capitation in Primary Health Protection“ in September 2007. This pilot project has been since then, to the middle of 2010, conducted in 28 Health Centres in Serbia.

Capitation is the change in Health Institutions financing. It’s a mechnism of payment in which the health institution gets certain fixed amount of means for the stated time period, for each patient which has registered, that is, signed a contract with the chosen doctor. These means are used for patients treatment on primary, secondary and tertial level.

Steps of capitiation are:
  • Registration – signing the contract between the patient and the doctor
  • Rationalization – implies to the medicines consumption, more precisely the number of prescribed medicines per patient.
  • Efficiency – implies the number of the given services in a certain period of time, and the law stated the time required for the patient’s examination for every Department in the Health Centre.
  • Quality - implies the preventive work of a doctor
  • Sending the patient to treatment outside to Health Centre

As we can see, capitation requires responsible behaviour by the doctor as well as the patient. That way the Health Institution becomes "a small Institution for Health Insurance".

It was planned to have the first part of the items started (first four items) in July 2011 and complete application of all items in 2012.

Dr Radmila Dražić
PR of the Health Centre "Jovan Jovanović Zmaj" Stara Pazova